Adventure sports

Air sports

El Montsec is a worldwide reference for paragliding, hang gliding and other aerial sports. Several companies established in Àger offer two-way flights and courses.


A host arriving with his gliding at the garden of Masia Serret

The Kon-tiki company  offers balloon flights: Travessa del Montsec and Montrebei. A great experience that is good for everyone.

Globus Montrebei

Mont-rebei from balloon Kon-tiki

Water sports

Canyelles, Camarasa and Terradets reservoirs are ideal spaces for practicing water sports in calm waters: kayaks, canoes, boat trips

Signposted BTT routes

Difficult itineraries throughout the Noguera and Montsec.

New guide of the Tourist Board of Lleida 2015. Visit our blog.

Fotografia senyalització ruta BTT
BTT signals at 200m from Masia Serret

Close to Masia Serret you can start four BTT itineraires.

All the Companies in Àger Valley Here



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